Candidacy Letter

Dear Shrewsbury Residents:

I am running for one of two seats on the Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen to help preserve and enhance what we value most in our town. Shrewsbury has enjoyed a long run of being a suburban bedroom community and shall continue to be a good value and great place to live and raise our children; but we do have challenges that we must address together.

I have lived in Shrewsbury for 20 years, and I have seen firsthand how town and school services have declined or in some cases disappeared over the years. One of the causes is a rising population over the decades, which sought to enjoy the same great schools and relatively low taxes that we all enjoy. Unfortunately, our town’s revenue has not kept up with increasing service expansion needed to cover a larger population. This is the story of many towns in Massachusetts, but there are creative solutions to explore, and our diverse Shrewsbury community has to be a part of that process. Shrewsbury residents are looking to be more engaged with town government and need to be communicated with in diverse ways. I believe my strength as an established community organizer and forward thinker is one of the things that would make me valuable as a member of the Board of Selectmen.

Together, we can work towards smart growth and development that maintains the character of Shrewsbury while growing our economic base to pay for the high quality town services and the excellent schools that we desire. Today’s Shrewsbury needs 21st century solutions, creative ways to do more with less, and increased community engagement and partnerships.

Having been a community organizer and advocate for most of my adult life, I appreciate the strength of civic engagement and collaboration amongst community groups. Many of the volunteers who have joined my campaign are advocates and leaders in our community. They have partnered in our good works to date and know the potential for even greater possibilities ahead. They understand, as I like to say, that a great grassroots movement begins with good soil.

Let’s get those grassroots started to preserve and enhance what we value most in Shrewsbury. Get involved now by volunteering your time; make a donation, and talk with your neighbors about the importance of municipal elections. Most importantly, I am seeking one of your two votes for Selectman on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 for increased community engagement and communication.


Melisa “Missy” Hollenback

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